Lesson Plan One

Grade Level: High School

Extension Activities

If classroom time allows, or students are interested in further self-directed study, the following activities are provided to supplement or augment the
Lesson Plan activities for this module.


Activity One

1. Ask the students to research the varied ways we study the past. Some possible topics include paleontology, anthropology, paleobotany, chemistry, environmental science, geography, climatology, and microbiology.


Activity Two

1. Ask the students to respond in writing to the following prompt:

– If you were to create a Time Capsule for future generations that reflects where you live, and what is important in your culture, what would you include in it?


Activity Three

1. Read the following articles contained within this site then write an imaginary diary entry chronicling a day in the life of a person in an early New Brunswick settlement.

Thomas W. Riordan and his Grist, Carding and Sawmills: From Disadvantage in County Cork, Ireland To Small Industry in Gloucester County, New Brunswick, CanadaBy Greg Riordan

A Hard Life Surely: The Role of Women in Rural Irish CommunitiesBy Linda Evans

March 1903 – A Month in the Life of Angella Riordan Submitted by Donna Hicks