Lesson Plan One

Grade level: High School


Language Arts
Level IV: Grades 9-12


Standard 1 – Uses the general skills and strategies of the writing process

  • Uses strategies to adapt writing for different purposes (e.g., to explain, inform, analyze, entertain, reflect, persuade)

Standard 4 – Gathers and uses information for research purposes

  • Organizes information and ideas from multiple sources in systematic ways (e.g., time lines, outlines, notes, graphic representations.


Standard 7 – Uses skills and strategies to understand a variety of informational texts


  • Uses reading skills and strategies to understand a variety of informational texts (e.g., textbooks, biographical sketches, letters, diaries, directions, procedures, magazines, essays, primary source historical documents, editorials, news stories, periodicals, catalogues, job-related materials, schedules, speeches, memoranda, public documents, maps)


Standard 10 – Understands the characteristics and the components of the media

  • Understands how different media (e.g., documentaries, current affairs programs, web pages) are structured to present a particular subject or point of view

Life Skills – Working With Others

Standard 1 – Contributes to the overall effort of a group

  • Demonstrates respect for others’ rights, feelings, and points of view in a group
  • Helps the group establish goals, taking personal responsibility for accomplishing such goals


Standard 6 – Understands relationships among organisms and their physical environment

  • Knows ways in which humans can alter the equilibrium of ecosystems, causing potentially irreversible effects (e.g., human population growth, technology, and consumption; human destruction of habitats through direct harvesting, pollution, and atmospheric changes)


Standard 17 – Understands how geography is used to interpret the past

  • Understands the ways in which physical and human features have influenced the evolution of significant historic events and movements (e.g., the effects of imperialism, colonization, and decolonization on the economic and political developments of the 19th and 20th centuries; the geographical forces responsible for the industrial revolution in England in the late 18th and early 19th centuries; physical and human factors that have led to famines and large-scale refugee movements)
  • Knows physical factors that have led to famines
  • Knows human factors that have led to famines