Lesson Plan Two

Grade level: Middle School

Learning Objectives

1. Students will conduct Internet research on the history of Ireland and the Irish in New Brunswick.

2. Students will create a rubric (set of rules or criteria) for evaluating information sources.

3. Students will learn how to create a story map depicting their understanding of the events in an Irish myth.

4. Students will create an artistic rendering of an Irish myth.

5. Students will research varied sources, and synthesize information to create a museum exhibit.

6. Students will explore Internet resources to compile information to create a mock news broadcast that summarizes their understanding of various aspects of ancient Ireland.


Bookmark the following sites:

Another New Ireland Lost: The Irish of New Brunswick by Peter Toner

Almost a Bad as Ireland by James M. Whalen

Saint John, New Brunswick – the Irish Story

Who Were the Celts?

Mythical Ireland

Ancient Music Ireland