Baillie, Thomas (Hon.)
17__ – 1863
__??__ – Executive Council, N.B. — M.L.C. — M.L.A.
York County

Born, ___________, 17__, in Ireland. Of Irish – Scottish ancestry. Second son of Captain William Baillie (D. 1812), 17th Light Dragoons, Innis-Shargie, County Down, Ireland, and his wife, Elizabeth Combie (D. 1850), daughter of Col. Combie, Sussex, England.

Educated at the public schools in Ireland.

Enlisted in the Imperial Army, and came to New Brunswick as a Lieutenant in the 23rd Reg. Fusileers, locating at Fredericton, York County.

Married, (1st), June 16th, 1824, to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Major Townsend Monckton Hall, 28th Foot Regt. She died, June 14th 1830, aged thirty years. Survived by two sons. Buried in the Old Cemetery, Fredericton, N.B.

Married, (2nd), August 17th, 1832, to Miss Elizabeth Odell, daughter of the Hon. William Franklin Odell (q.v.), Provincial Secretary of N.B.

On October 19th, 1824, he was appointed Commissioner of Crown Lands and Forests, and Surveyor General of N.B., vice the Hon. Anthony P. Lockwood, who had held these positions from April 28th, 1818 until 1823. Mr. Baillie held these positions until September, 1851, when he retired on a pension of 500 pounds per annum. In addition he was given a supplementary pension by the British Govt.

On November 14th, 1824, he was appointed to His Majesty’s Council of N.B., and continued a member of that body until its dissolution December 31st, 1832.

He was named a member of the First Executive Council of N.B., February 11th, 1833, by Lieut Governor Sir Archibald Campbell. He continued a member until December 29th, 1837. He was again a member of the Executive Council from February 15th, 1847 until May 22nd, 1848.

He was also a member of the Legislative Council of N.B. from February 11th, 1833, until 1844, when he resigned.

First elected to the House of Assembly of N.B., as one of the members for York County, at the G.E. of October 14th, 1846, and sat as member until the dissolution of the Legislature in 1850, when he retired from active politics.

He died, June 5th, 1863, at Boulogne-Sur-Mer, France, having retired in Europe. Buried ____________. Survived by ____________.

Mrs. Baillie died ______________________

(Note: His residence in Fredericton, N.B. was called the Hermitage, a well-known landmark. He was a capable executive official, but inclined to extravagance, thus attracting much criticism.)

1: Son: William Douglas Hall
(B. Feb. 22nd, 1827) at Fredericton, N.B. Mar., June 11th, 1854, Miss Hannah Marie Ann, daughter of John Greensill, Parfleet, Essex, England. Emigrated to New Zealand, and became a member of the Legislative Council of that country. Resided at Hennington, Picton, Marlboro, New Zealand. Family of three sons and two daughters:
1. Son: William Grey Hall — B. May 11, 1867
2. -“-: Thomas Douglas Hall — B. June 1, 1872
3. -“- James Hamilton Hall — B. Jan. 13, 1877
4. Dau: Elisabeth Mary — B. Jan. 8th, 1869
5. -“-: Caroline Louise — B. July 17, 1870
2. Son: Thomas George
(B. Aug. 27, 1828 – D. Nov 27, 1865).

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