Baird, George Thomas (Hon.)
1847 – 1917
Senator – M.L.C. – M.L.A.
Victoria County

Born, November 3rd, 1847, at Bairdsville, Carleton County, N.B. of Irish-Scottish ancestry. Son of George Baird, Esq., and his wife, Frances Jane Bishop. (George Baird was a native of Graffe, Monaghan County, Ireland, who emigrated to N.B. as a young man, and with his brothers Henry and Adam were the original founders of Bairdsville. They were descendents of a member of the Baird Family in Scotland, who emigrated to Ireland in the Reign of King James I, and settled in Ulster.)

Educated at the Bairdsville Public School; the Carleton Grammar School; and the Provincial Normal School, Fredericton, N.B. Taught school for a number of years.

Located at Andover, Carleton County, and engaged in the mercantile and lumbering business, and became one of the leading merchants and industrialists of the Upper St. John River. Took an active interest in the public affairs of the day. Was appointed a Justice of the Peace for Victoria County. Was Postmaster of Perth, N.B., 1878 – 1882. Was a member of the A.F. & A.M.

Married, June 12th, 1879, to Miss Ida Jane Sadler, daughter of Capt. Dexter W. Sadler, St. John, N.B. By this marriage there was a fmaily of two sons and one daughter.

Unsuccessfully contested Victoria County for the House of Assembly of N.B., at the G.E. of June, 1882.

First elected to the House of Assembly, as one of the members for Victoria County, at a bye-election held June, 1884, to fill the vacancy created by the resigantion of the sitting member, Richard White L. Tibbitts (q.v.), and sat the remainder of that Legislature. Re-elected at the G.E.’s of April 28th, 1886, and January 20th, 1890. His election at the G.E. of 1890, was protested, and he resigned his seat. On seeking re-election at the Bye-Election, held August, 1890, he was defeated. He was again elected to the House at the G.E. of October 22nd, 1892, and sat as member until the dissolution of the Legislature in 1895, when re retired from active political life.

On March 11th, 1891, he was called to a seat on the Legislative Council of N.B., and continued a member of that body until its abolishment in 1892.

On June 19th, 1895, he was called to the Senate of Canada and continued a member of that House until his decease.

He died, April 21st, 1917, at his residence, Andover, N.B., aged sixty-nine years. Buried in the Church of England Cemetery, Andover, N.B. survived by his widow and two sons, a daughter having pre-deceased him.

Mrs. Baird died, November 11th, 1930, aged seventy years. (B. Nov. 18, 1859). Buried in Trinity Church Cemetery, Andover, N.B.

In Politics:
 a Conservative.
In Religion: Church of England.

1: Dau: Lena
(D. August 11th, 1913) Mar. M.A. (Malcolm) MacDonald, Esq., Vancouver, B.C. Barrister.
2. Son: Arthur Herbert Baird
Andover, N.B. (B. Oct. 31, 1880 – D. June 22, 1958).
3. -“-: Geroge Frederick
Vancouver, B.C. (D. May 3rd, 1938).

Lena Baird – (D. Aug. 11th, 1913). Mar. Malcolm MacDonald, Barrister, Vancouver, B.C. Late Chief Justice, B.C. Supreme Court.

Family: 1. Dau: Elena Baird — Mar. Mr. Waite, 7 Cluny Drive Toronto.
Arthur Herbert Baird (B. Oct. 31, 1880 – D. June 22, 1958). Mar. Ann Muriel Kupkey

Family: Son: George E. Baird — Barrister, Perth, N.B.
1. Marilyn Ada
2. Janet Elizabeth
3. George Thomas
George Frederick Baird (D. May 3rd, 1938). Mar. Edith Edgecomb, Fredericton, N.B.
Family: 1. Dau: Mary — Mar. William Roaf, Vancouver, B.C.

MC1156 – Graves Papers