Boyd, John (Hon.)
1826 – 1893

Lieut.-Governor — Senator

St. John City

Born, Sept 28, 1826, at Magherafelt, Londonderry County, Ireland. Of Scotch-Irish-Dutch ancestry. Eldest son of James Boyd, and his wife, Margaret E. Lynn, Dutch descent.

(The Boyd family were old Scottish ancestry, having been Covenanters, who came from Scotland in 1685, due to religious disputes, and settled in Ireland. James Boyd (D. 1831), leaving a widow and two sons, James and John. The widowed mother shortly after emigrated to N.B. and settled in St. John. James, the younger brother, on reaching manhood, emigrated to Australia and died there.)

Educated at the St. John Grammar School.

Located at St. John, N.B. and entered the employment of Messrs. Holdsworth and Daniel, Dry Goods merchants, as a clerk. Later became a prtner in the firm under the name of Daniel & Boyd. This firm was very successful and became one of the leading commercial establishments in the Province of N.B.

In 1865, he was a delegate to the Detroit Convention for the moulding of the Reciprocity Treaty between Canada and the United States. He took an active interest in the public affairs of the country but would never accept political nomination. He was an earnest advocate of Confederation and assisted greatly in Moulding public opinion in its favor by public speeches. He was a great orator and lecturer, and promoted all moral and social ventures.

In 1877, after the disastrous St. John Fire, in which his personal losses of a home, library, etc were immense, he was foremost in encouraging the citizens to rebuild.

He was a close friend and admirer of Sir John A. MacDonald, and activly supported him in his election campaign of 1878.

On Feb 11, 1879, he was summoned to the Senate of Canada, of which he continued a member until Sept 21, 1893, when he resigned.

On Sept 21, 1893, he was appointed Lieut-Governor of N.B., vice Sir S.L. Tilley (q.v.), resigned, and held that position for less than three months when his untimely death interved.

Married, ________ 1852, to Miss Annie Jones, daughter of C.P. Jones, Esq., Yarmouth, N.S. By this marriage there was a family of

He died, Dec 4, 1893, at his residence, St. John, N.B., aged 97 years. Survived by his widow. Buried in Fern Hill Cemetery, St. John, N.B.

Mrs. Boyd (B. March 31, 1830) died May 7, 1893, aged 67 years.

In Politics: a Conservative.
In Religion:

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