Burns, Kennedy Francis (Hon.)
1842 – 1895

Carleton County

Born, January 8th, 1842, at Thomaston, Tipperary, Ireland. Of Irish ancestry. Son of Thomas E.Burns, and his first wife, Mary Rose Ryan, both residents of that place. (Family emigrated to Canada, settling at first in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and later at St. John, N.B.)

Educated at the public schools in Halifax, N.S., and St. John, N.B.

Located at St. John, N.B. and engaged in business as a clerk in the Commercial Palace. Moved to Chatham, North. Co., N.B. and served as a clerk in the business of John Rourke, Esq. Moved to Bathurst, Gloucester County, in 1861, and established a lumbering, manufacturing, and shipping business. Pres. of K.F. Burns Co. Ltd, which operated stores and mills in various sections of the county. Took an active interest in Militia affairs, attaining the rank of Captain in the local militia.

Married, September 24th, 1864, to Miss Harriet McKenna, daughter of John McKenna, Esq., Bathurst, N.B., and Coroner of the County. By this marriage there was a family of four daughters.

First elected to the House of Assembly of N.B., as one of the members for Gloucester County, at the G.E. of June, 1874, on the issue of Free Non-Sectarian Schools, to which he was opposed. Sat that legislature until its dissolution in 1878, when he retired from local politics.

First elected to the House of Commons, as member for the constituency of Gloucester, at the G.E. of June 20th, 1882. Re-elected at the G.E.’s of 1887, and 1891, and sat as member until his resignation from the House of Commons, March 21st, 1894, on being appointed to the Senate of Canada.

On March 21st, 1894, he was called to the Senate of Canada, and sat as
member in that House until his decease.

He died, June 23rd, 1895, at his residence, Bathurst, N.B., aged fifty-three years. Buried in the R.C. Cemetery, Bathurst, N.B. Survived by his four daughters.

His wife pre-deceased him, dying May 5th, 1889.

In Politics: 
A Conservative.
In Religion: A Roman Catholic.

1. Dau: Minnie
Mar. Herman Vincent, Esq., London, England.
2. -“-: Emma Josephine
(D. Oct. 13, 1947) Mar. Sept. 16, 1902, Hon. James Paul Byrne (q.v.), M.L.A.; Judge Supreme Court of N.B.
3. -“-: Helen Gertrude
Mar. Aug. 17, 1904, Thomas M. Fraser, Esq., Clerk of the House of Commons, Ottawa, Ont.
4. -“-: Georgiana Louise
Bathurst, N.B. Unmarried.

MC1156 – Graves Papers