Byrne, James Paul (HON)

Supreme Court Judge – M.L.A.
Gloucester County

Born, January 24th, 1869, in Sussex, Kings County, N.B. of Irish ancestry. Son of James Byrne (b. 1827 – d. March 26, 1911), and his wife, sarah Green (b. 1844 – d. January 24, 1926).

Educated at the Sussex High School; at St. Joseph’s College, Memramcook, N.B., graduating with degree of B.A. in 1888; at Dalhousie Univ. Law School; Degree of Bachelor of Law, June 26th 1890.

Was admitted to the Bar of N.B. as an Attorney, October 16th, 1890, and as a Barrister, October 6th, 1892.

Located at Sussex, N.B. and engaged in the practice of his profession, in partnership with the Hon. Albert S. White (q.v.). In 1900, he moved to Bathurst, Gloucester County, where he successfully continued his practice. Created a K.C. in 19___.

Served on the Bathurst Town Council; and the Gloucester County Council as Councillor for his parish.

Married, September 16th, 1902, to Miss Emma Josephine Burns, daughter of the Hon. Kennedy Francis Burns (q.v.), Bathurst, N.B. By this marriage there was no issue.

First elected to the House of Assembly of N.B., as one of the members for Gloucester Co., at the G.E. of March 3rd, 1908. Sat as a member until the dissolution of the Legislature in 1912. At the G.E. of June 24th, 1912, he was defeated, but was again elected to the House of Assembly at the G.E. of February 24th 1917. Re-elected at the Bye-election held April 23, 1917, made necessary by his acceptance of office; and at the G.E. of October 9th, 1920. Sat as a member until October 4th, 1924, when he resigned his seat on being appointed to the Supreme Court of N.B.

On April 4th, 1917, he was sworn in as a member of the Executive Council of N.B., and received the appointment of Attorney General in the Administration of the Hon. Walter E. Foster (q.v.). He retained this position in the Administration of the Hon. Peter J. Veniot (q.v.), until his resignation from the House.

On October 4th, 1924, he was appointed a Puisne Judg of the Supreme Court of N.B., King’s Bench Division, and held this appointment until his decease.

He died, January 22, 1934, at his residence, Bathurst, N.B., aged sixty-four years. Buried in the R.C. Cemetery, Norton, N.B. Survived by his widow.

Mrs. Byrne died October 13, 1947, and was buried in the R.C. Cemetery, Bathurst, N.B.

In Politics:
 a Liberal.
In Religion: a Roman Catholic.

No Family

MC1156 – Graves Papers