Carlin, Robert Herbert

Saint John City

Born, October 27, 1887, in Saint John, N.B., of Irish ancestry. Son of Robert Carlin, contracting Stevedore, and his wife, Jane Ganter.

Educated at the Saint John public schools

Located at Saint John, N.B. and engaged in the stevedoring business. Was Manager of the Atlantic and Gulf Stevedores, Ltd. Was active in the International Longshoreman’s Association, Local 273, and served as its President for seven years. Was a Director of the Sportsmen’s Club; Pres. of the Saint John Boxing and Wrestling Commission; Director of the Saint John Beavers Hockey Club. Member of the Order of Elks; St. Patrick’s Society; Union Club; Carleton and Thistle Curling Clubs.

Married, August 5th, 1916, to Miss Margaret Beatrice Shannon, daughter of John Shannon, Esq., fisherman, Petersville, N.B. By this marriage there was no issue.

Unsuccessfully contested Saint John City for the House of Assembly of N.B. in the G.E. of August 28th, 1944.

First elected to the House of Assembly, as one of the members for Saint John City, at the G.E. of June 28th, 1948, and sat that Legislature, until its dissolution in 1952. At the G.E. of September 22nd, 1952, he was defeated.

He resided for the last thirteen years of his life in Pamdenec, N.B.

He died, September 4th, 1953, in a motor vehicle accident, at Sagwa, N.B., aged sixty-five years. Buried in the Holy Cross Cemetery, Saint John, N.B. Survived by his widow.

Mrs. Carlin died November 28th, 1970, and was buried in the Holy Cross Cemetery.

In Politics:
 a Liberal
In Religion: a Roman Catholic




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