Clinch, Patrick
(1790 – 1868)

Charlotte County

Born, , 1790, at St. George, Charlotte County, N.B. of Loyalist ancestry, son of Capt. Peter Clinch (q.v.)(1753-1816), Loyalist, and M.L.A. charlotte Co., 1785-1795, and his wife, Lucretia, also of Loyalist ancestry.

Educated at the St. George public schools

Located at St. George, N.B. and engaged in the agriculture and newspaper business. Founded a newspaper, the “Provincialist”, at St. Andrews, N.B. Was appointed a Justice of the Peace, and a Justice of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas for Charlotte County. Was also Inspector of Schools for Charlotte County for many years.

Married, , to Miss Eleanor Davidson, daughter of Davidson, Esq. By this marriage there was a family of .

Unsuccessfully contested Charlotte County for the House of Assembly at the G.E. of June, 1827. He protested the return of his opponent, J.N. Clarke, and on March 19th, 1828, a Committee of the House of Assembly declared Mr. Clinch entitled to the seat, which he took for that session. On January 26th, 1829, at the next session, the committee reversed their decision, and awarded the seat to Mr. Joseph N. Clarke (q.v.).

At the G.E. of October, 1830, he was elected to the House of Assembly, and was re-elected at the G.E. of December, 1834, and sat as member until the dissolution of the legislatrure in 1837. At the G.E. of October, 1837, he was defeated, and subsequently he retired from active political life.

He died, March 10th, 1868, at his residence, St. George, N.B., aged seventy-nine years. Buried in the Church of England Cemetery, St. George, N.B. Survived by .

His wife pre-deceased him, dying July 4th, 1854, aged sixty-three years.

In Politics:
In Religion: Church of England



Son: Peter
(B. 1824 – D.August 1854) Attorney, St. George, N.B. Married, Jan. 28th, 1845, Miss Susan Josephine Wetmore, dau. of Abraham J. Wetmore, Esq. She died Feb., 1895.

Son: Douglas Carleton Clinch,(B. 1849 – D. Nov. 15, 1933) St. John, N.B.

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