The Herald – 1877.07.14 – Celebrating the 12th – #1

CELEBRATING THE 12TH. – Wednesday night was a gala one around the Indiantown dock, at least to a party of wood boat men who, finding it inconvenient to stop in town to celebrate the “pious and immortal memory” on the twelfth of July, resolved to do the usual honors on the 11th. A crowd well primed with rum and having their shirts and vests decorated with all the orange cigar box ties available, paraded around the wharves in the vicinity, uttering yells, and snatches of party songs, much to the amusement of the sober citizens who witnessed their antics. After this sort of thing had went on for about two hours, a policeman put in an appearance, but not before one of the “boys” got a “[tlfter]”: under the ear from an Indiantowner, with whom he was becoming familiar. When the policeman came, the hooting freshwater sailors retired, some to the bar-rooms while the remainder slunk away to the recesses of their woodboat cabins.