MF – 1865.01.17 – The Fenians – 15th Regiment – Capt. Macshane – #118 – F12250
Some days ago we stated on authority that a Sergeant of the 15th Regiment had been placed under arrest for drilling men without leave of the Colonel commanding in this garrison, and we cited this as an event that had given an air of truth to the reports in circulation relative to the Fenians. We did not say, however, that the men were Fenians; indeed we subsequently admitted that they might not be, asking the Freeman to state who they really were. We were perfectly ignorant at the time of any great acquisition to the numbers in Capt. Maschane’s company. – News.

We are informed that before the infamous article in the News had applied to Col. Grierson for information, and had been informed by the Colonel that the Sergeant was not put under arrest on a charge of drilling Fenians, but on a charge of having drilled a Volunteer Company without leave, and with this information in his possession he wrote and published that article.

MF – 1865.01.17 – The Fenians – 15th Regiment – Capt. Macshane – #119 – F12250

We learn that Captain Macshane has traced the origin of the reports respecting his connection and that of his company with the Fenian Society, to a member of the Volunteer Battalion, and that he has, or will demand a Court of Inquiry into the whole matter. It seems to us that this is the right course to pursue, for really, the peace and confidence of the community ought not to be endangered by false reports without the perpetrators of those reports being punished, if they can be found. – Globe.