MF – 1866.04.28 – Fenians – Late Night News – #143 – F12251

BOSTON, April 27.
The threatened Fenian invasion of the eastern Provinces has [bursted] and most of those composing the expedition have left Eastport and are now en route for Boston by steamboat.
A Montreal despatch states that Mrs. Davis was about to leave on a visit to Fortress Monroe, permission having been granted her to see her husband.
Gold 128 1-2.

PORTLAND, Me., 27th. 
– The steamer New Brunswick arrived from Eastport this morning with 200 Fenians.
On leaving for Boston several who had gone ashore were left behind. At the entrance to the harbor the Fenians, who were spoiling for a safe fight, mutinied, drew their pistols on the officers, and obliged the boat to put back.
Some of the ringleaders were put ashore and sent on by rail, and the boat proceeded at 9 o’clock.
Gold 128 1-8.

The Journal complains that we do not censure the turbulence of the meeting of Monday night. We always condemn turbulence, and advocate fair play and a fair hearing for all parties, and in this case we expressed our sorrow that the meeting was turbulent, but whom to blame in particular, we must confess, we could not tell. We heard no one try to prevent Mr. Mitchell’s being heard, and we saw no rowdyism, except it may be the conduct of some of those who were so ready to cry “Put him out,” “Pitch him over,” &c., when anyone ventured to express an opinion they did not like. We never have been apologists for rowdies or rowdyism, and in our description of the meeting we strove to be perfectly impartial.

What will they do?
The Fenians have left the frontier as queerly as they came. What will the Confederates and foes of Responsible Government do without their good allies? How has it happened that they did not keep them there until after the elections?