New Brunswick Political Biographies

The Harriet Irving Library at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) has, in their reference material,a body of work called "New Brunswick Political Biography" which includes the biographies of New Brunswick’s early Members of Parliament, Members of the Legislature for the Province of New Brunswick, and judiciary. Because of the father and son pair who completed this arduous piece of research into New Brunswick’s early political scene, this body of work is often simply referred to as "The Graves’ Papers".

A copy of this collection is also available for researchers to access at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick in their series MC1156 – Graves’ Papers.

Here we present excerpts from this work which pertain more specifically to the interests of Irish historians and researchers. We will continue to add biographies from these papers until we have completed the alphabetical listings so check back as the list continues to grow. Below are the details of the UNB collection and the list of biographies included here to date:

Title: New Brunswick Political Biography: The Graves Papers/compiled by James C. Graves and Horace B. Graves.

Biographical Sketch:
James Clarence Graves 
(1861-1945) was born in Kings County, NB. after a few years as a school teacher, he entered the service of the Intercolonial Railway in 1899 as a clerk in the Audit Department. In 1908 he was promoted to the position of Travelling Auditor. When he retired from the railway in 1932, he devoted his leisure time to genealogical and historical research.

Horace B. Graves, son of James C. Graves, was a doctor who made his home in Vancouver, B.C. The compilation of research notes, "New Brunswick Political Biography", was a project begun by James C. Graves and completed a number of years later by Horace B. Graves.

Scope and Content:
The Graves Papers consist of twelve volumes of biographical research on people who held political office or judicial positions in New Brunswick, or acted as representative of New Brunswick in the federal political or judicial areas, 1784-1969. There are also statistical records for various federal and provincial elections.

Subsequent Updates:

The Graves Papers are held at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick in their original form.  These entries are transcribed from those documents as they originally existed.  From time to time we have received updates or corrections from family members of the people profiled here.  Because we cannot misrepresent these changes as being part of the original documents, any such updates/corrections will be contained within square brackets [ ] with the text in italics and the font will be green.  We hope, by providing these updates, to provide a fuller picture of the people included in The Graves’ Papers without compromising the original text of James and Horace Graves.  Thank you to all who have provided additional information.  

Irish-Related Excerpts from New Brunswick Political Biographies: The Graves’ Papers:

Adams, MichaelAgar, MilesAlward, AaronAlward, SilasAnglin, Timothy WarrenAyles, Lewis Charles

Baillie, ThomasBaird, Thomas GeorgeBaker, Jesse WheelockBarry, Jeremiah HayesBarry, John PatrickBarry, John PaulBerryman, JohnBertrand, AlphonseBishop, Wilfred GeorgeBlakeny, Charles HanfordBoyd, JohnBrooks, Alfred JohnsonBurgess, JamesBurlock, Samuel JamesBurns, Kennedy FrancisButler, Walter ScottByrne, James Paul

Carleton, John Louis (Hon)Carleton, ThomasCarlin, Robert HerbertClair, ThomasClinch, PatrickClinch, Peter (Capt.)Cochrane, Donald TheodoreCostigan, John (Hon)