Grand Falls Museum

By Anne Côté

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Grand Falls Museum

Located near the waterfall, the Grand Falls Museum has many pioneer and early Victorian artefacts as well as a considerable archival collection referring to the Sons of Temperance and genealogies of the Victoria County region.

Grand Falls Museum
68 Madawaska Road
E3Y 1C6

Contact person: Anne Côté
Phone: (506) 473-5265
Fax : (506) 475-7755
Out-of-Season, by appointment, phone: (506) 473-4881 or (506) 473-5940

Hours of Operation:

The Museum is open from the 3rd week in June to the last week of August from Monday to Friday from 10AM to 5PM. To access it, take exit 75 from the Trans Canada Highway.

The museum contains several references of genealogical interest:

Jean-Guy Poitras, “Répertoire des marriages au Nord-Ouest du Noveau-Brunswick, Canada pour les comtés de Madawaska, Restigouche (partiellement) et Victoria”. This compilation of marriages for northwestern NB is from 1792-2001 and includes mostly Catholic marriages.

Early marriages and baptisms of Van Buren, Maine (most early marriages for this region were recorded in the Van Buren register)

A collection of obituary and mortuary cards

Several local histories

Genealogical anthologies and family trees – not well-documented but still of interest. If anyone wants a copy made of this material, they should contact the compiler. Visitors are welcome to write out by hand information from these resources.

The following families are included:
Albert, Armour, Baker, Barriault, Blunden, Boucher, Boyer, Briggs, Brown, Budrow, Burgess, Butterfield, Caldwell, Carroll, Chase, Costigan, Côte, Cowett, Curless, Curran, Currier, Currier-Duston, Davis, DeMerchant, Desjardins, Dixon, Everett, Fraser, Gagnon, Gamble, Gaunce, Gauvin, Gillespie, Godbout, Goguen, Grant, Green, Gueret dit Dumont, Hallett, Hartsgrove, Hartt, Hathaway, Hianvew, Hillman, Hitchcock, Holmes, Horseman, Hudson, Jean, Jenson, Jovin, Kinney, Koven, Labrie, Lagacé, Lebel, Leclerc, Levesque, Long, Lynch, McCann, McCluskey, McCooey, McCormack, Mclaughlin and Allingham, McLaughlin and Campbell, McLaughlin and Delahenty, McLeod, McManus, McMillan, McQuade, Michaud, Mockler, Mulherin, Murphy, Newcomb, O’Neill, O’Regan, Ouellet, Ouellette, Page, Pelletier, Pine, Poitras, Powers, Price, Quigley, Rasmussen, Reed, Rideout, Rossignol, Rouleau, Roy, Sisson, Slye, St-Laurent, St-Pierre, Stroupe, Tompkins, Toner, Turcotte, VanderBilt, Vandine, Warnock, Watson, Wharton, White, Williams, Wiswall, Woodward and Woolsey.

There are also materials of interest at the local Grand Falls Public Library:

Transcriptions of Census Records for Victoria and Madawaska Counties – 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901

Transcriptions of baptisms and deaths for several Madawaska parishes

The Pierre-Albénie Collection (for south-eastern Québec and north-western NB (with a few Irish entries)

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