Irish Memorials

Bathurst Area
The Bathurst Area includes the counties of Gloucester and Restigouche.  Honouring their Irish heritage, memorials have been erected in Bathrust and Jacquet River.  more….

Fredericton Area
The Fredericton Area includes York, Sunbury and Queen’s counties.  While not a major point of entry for Irish immigrants, the Capital Area still shows the influence of those who did make their homes here.  A memorial in the Hermitage Cemetery carries the names of many of these early Irish arrivals.  more….

Saint John Area
The Saint John Area, encompassing St. John and Kings Counties, received the largest influx of Irish immigrants entering through the Port of Saint John.  Accordingly, several Irish memorials have been erected in the memory of those who arrived, full of hopes and dreams for a better life. more…

Moncton Area
The counties of Westmorland, Albert and Kent form the region covered by the Moncton area.  Each of these counties can claim their share of Irish heritage.  Three memorials are located in the Moncton area and others are in the planning stages. more….

Miramichi Area
Northumberland County, the area covered by the Miramichi Area Chapter of the ICCANB, was a port of entry for the famine ships of 1847, landing at Middle Island just a short distance from the shores of what is now Miramichi City.  A large Celtic Cross and memorial park honour those who never made it off the Island.   more….

Charlotte County Area
The two largest communities in the Charlotte County area are St. Andrews and St. Stephens. An Irish memorial can be found on the shores of St. Andrews. more….

Upper St. John River Area
The Upper St. John River Valley (USJRV), covering the counties of Carleton, Victoria and Madawaska, may not have benefited by great numbers of Irish immigrants to New Brunswick but certainly were on the forefront of the earliest planned communities for the province. Accordingly, USJRV is not without its own monument to Irish settlement. more…